Hum-Dingah! Brownies Story...

Rocky Roads of Maine Brownie


People often asked, "How did you get started in the Brownie business?"   By happenstance, I say.  This is how the story goes…..

It was around the Holidays, the time when you spread good cheer, and I did just that. I decided I wanted to bake something and bring it into work for the crew. Hmm, I pondered, what can I make? Then it came to me.  I had this marvelous recipe for Brownies that I had developed years ago when I used to own a Restaurant, put away…. somewhere? I did a little digging, and pulled a tainted recipe card out of an old cookbook, tucked away high up on a shelf.

Come Monday morning, I brought a platter of Double Chocolate Brownies into work and set it on a small break table in the,” Do Nothin’ Corner”. Yup, that’s the area when people take a break and Do Nothin’….. Soon enough I could hear, "Who made the Brownies?" "These things are awesome, delicious….. "  Before noon they were gone. Some people lamented, “I never even had a chance to try one.” I assured them all that I would bring in another batch soon..

Next Monday morning, I brought in another batch, but this one was different… I added a creamy natural  peanut butter to the original recipe. I could hear them all carrying on how good they were.  I told them if they liked them that much, then I would continue to bring them in a different flavor every week. But on one condition...,I wanted some constructive feedback.  For instance; should I add a little more of this or a little less of that. The answer was unanimous, “No Problem!"  Soon thereafter, they were dubbing it, "Brownie Monday’s." At this point I realized I might be onto something.

This continued for several weeks, right up until the Monday before Christmas. The following February I decided to start my own Brownie business. But what would I call it? I wanted it to have a name that was connected to the state of Maine… seeing I was a true Mainah! I started thinkin’….. they certainly were darn good and made an impression on everyone. Hmm, I know when something up here in Maine is pretty darn great, we usually say, “That’s a Hum-Dingah! That was it!! Hum-Dingah! It’s a Maine Thing… The rest is history... maybe not?  I forgot to tell you all about myself.

I come from a family of Bakers. My grandfather used to own a Bakery in the basement of his home up in "The County."  By the way.. for you Outta Statah's, that’s up in Northern Maine.  My Mother as a child used to help him bake and deliver bread during the Depression. My Mother was a wonderful Cook and Baker in her own rite. I have fond memories of our home as a child; the smell of bread and pies baking.  As for myself, I have spent a lifetime in the food Industry. I have always enjoyed entertaining and cooking for a crowd and have a passion for food. This time it happens to be Brownies!


Here at Hum-Dingah! Brownies, we used the best natural ingredients, have no added preservatives and cook in small batches. We love what we do and we want to share it with you!